Episode Guide

Season One

1 - Rites of Passage

It is 793 AD and Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok wants to go to the West in search of riches, rather than following the old tradition of raiding the East. However, getting the permission of Head Man, Earl Haraldson, is not going to be easy.

2 - Wrath of the Northmen

As Ragnor prepares for his first journey into the unknown Western lands, the suspicion and paranoia of Earl Haraldson escalates.

3 - Dispossessed

A monastery in Lindesfarne is the first victim to Ragnar and his men.

4 - Trial

Earl Haraldson allows Ragnor to return to England, where an explosion of violence and mayhem are unleashed onto the unsuspecting town of Hexam.

5 - Raid

When a paranoid Earl Haraldson learns from a seer that Ragnar wants him dead, he orders Ragnor's farm and home burned to the ground.

6 - Burial of the Dead

When Ragnar discovers that Earl Haraldson ordered Rollo's torture, a confrontation between the two men is inevitable.

7 - A King's Ransom

As Ragnar sails three ships towards King Aelle, he offers peace in exchange for ransom.

8 - Sacrifice

Athelstan comes to realise just how strong his Christian faith remains, when he accompanies Ragnar and Lagertha on the traditional Viking pilgrimage to Uppsalla.

9 - All Change

While a plague ravages the village of Kattegat, Ragnar sets off towards Götaland, where he must settle land dispute with Jarl Borg.

Season Two

1 - Brother's War

As Princess Aslaug journeys to Kattegat, Ragnar allies himself with King Horik in the battle with Jarl Borg.

2 - Invasion

Four years have passed and Ragnar leads a new series of raids on England.

3 - Treachery

While the raids on Wessex continue, Ragnar attempts to rule in the west. Meanwhile, King Ecbert faces a new kind of enemy and Jarl Borg makes his own plans for Kattegat.

4 - Eye for an Eye

While Ragnar meets Ecbert in search of a compromise, Rollo must lead his people. Meanwhile, Jarl Borg imposes a strict rule on Kattegat.

5 - Answers in Blood

Lagertha is once again reunited with Ragnar and Bjorn make another choice. Meanwhile, Athelstan finds it difficult to define his faith and Aslaug has to accept the consequences of her prophecies.

6 - Unforgiven

Ragnar receives an unexpected offer from King Horik and Lagertha's new husband doesn't seem overly pleased to see her. Meanwhile, Athelstan becomes King Ecbert's trusted aide.

7 - Blood Eagle

Justice is dealt to Jarl Borg, and allies are made on both sides of the sea.

8 - Boneless

Horik and Ragnar travel to Wessex, but their true purpose is disputed. Meanwhile, Princess Aslaug's prepares to give birth.

9 - The Choice

Ragnar's invading party are met with extreme violence when they march on King Ecbert's villa.

10 - The Lord's Prayer

When safely back at Kattegat with King Horik, Ragnar only trusts those who stood by him.

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