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audiohype.net was born in 2005, as a place to house my fanlistings. The name doesn't really mean anything specific... I just thought it had a nice ring to it, and I think that the word hype suited the world of fanlistings. :)

I started making websites in 1997 and I've been running fanlistings since 2001, but I really became involved in the network in 2004 when I became a Trouble Checker and in January 2005, I became the Musicians: Male Troubles staffer. I was on staff for 6 years - as well as being part of the Senior Staff for several years (I stepped down in January 2011)! I am also responsible for the current layout at TFL :p
Before running this domain, my fanlisting were first housed at lost-illusions.net, then exit47.org.

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There's a time and place for everything, and I believe it’s called 'fan fiction'.
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