The Girl Who Waited

Amy (Amelia) Pond

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The Eleventh Doctor meets Amelia Pond after his Tardis crashes into her garden. Amelia, at the time, is 7 years old and cooks the Doctor several meals until his "new" body is able to find something that pleases him. This happens to be fish custard. When realizing Amelia's house has a crack in time inside of it the Doctor tells her he will be back in five minutes. In reality he returns 12 years later. He does not know he returned so many years later until he goes into Amelia's house once again. The young lady that meets him there is dressed a police officer and he eventually realizes that it is Amelia Pond herself. She mentions to the Doctor that she dresses up in different outfits and does kissograms. Amelia and the Doctor help save the Earth from Prisoner Zero. The Doctor leaves once again and returns to offer Amelia a place to travel with him. Unbeknownst to him he has returned 2 years later, making it 14 years since he and Amelia had first met. She soon accepts his offer and decides to leave with him, the night before her wedding to Rory.