The images over the title of the show in the credits are home movies of J.J. Abrams' children.

J.J. Abrams' wife, while attending the wedding of Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley, suggested to her husband that he work with Jennifer.

Jenna Fischer (The Office) auditioned for the role of Sydney Bristow. She was told that while they liked her acting, she wasn't sexy enough.

Many of the locations around the world were actually filmed at the Disney lot in Burbank, California.

Jack Bristow was born in London, Ontario, Canada - as was his portrayer Victor Garber.

Quentin Tarantino was a fan of the show and requested a guest spot. He went on to appear on the show three times.

Since Milo Rambaldi was a comination of Nostradamus and Leonardo da Vinci, he was often referred to as Nostravinci on set.

Rambaldi was not originally intended to play such a prominent role in the series.

Michael Vaughn was not originally intended to be Sydney's love interest, but the producers decided to go in this direction when they saw Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan's chemistry in the pilot.

Alias achieved its highest ratings in its fourth season when it was paired with Lost.

The crew had trouble finding the exact color of red they wanted for Sydney's hair in the first episode. They finally found it on a girl while filming Sydney's school scenes. She had to be convinced to let them cut off a bit so they could match it.